“I love Thursdays, when our curries, pasta sauces, soups, cook-in-sauces, free-range eggs, croissants and other deli delights arrive. Lightens my cooking load from Thursday to Monday, plus some!—Heidi Facey 

Welcome to Deer Park Deli.

This is how it works: Every Sunday we release the menu for next week, alongside carefully sourced and homemade pantry essentials. Orders close 10am Tuesday. On Thursday we deliver between 11am and 2pm, or on request in the city bowl between 5pm and 6pm.

We love ethical farmers and suppliers. People who believe in sustainable practices, regenerating soil and the humane treatment of free-roaming animals. We believe in local. We never compromise quality for cost. We appreciate feedback! Please let us know what you like or don’t like. We want you sated and happy!

What we don’t love is *#@%*packaging waste. We'd rather reuse than recycle. If you do too, please join our Tiffin Club. We deliver soups, pastes, sauces and dips in glass jars – please return as much as you can when we next deliver. If you want other meals delivered in reusable dishes please enquire.