DPD Tiffin Club

Here’s the deal: put down a R200 deposit per tiffin (as part of your food order), and receive your meal in this 100% reusable stainless steel set which is then rotated when we deliver your next order.

One tiffin set can be used for a single or double portion of the same meal.

Please be sure to clean your tiffin – we sanitize before rotating, but do expect it returned clean.

Anyone no longer wanting to be part of the Club gets their deposit back, assuming we have all the tiffin sets back.

A few more things to bear in mind:
  1. One tiffin set equals one meal – eg a vegan duo is served in 3-tier tiffin (two vegan dishes plus rice). We have larger tiffins for double portions, as well as 2-tier tiffins and 4-tier tiffins. But if you order more than one meal, or want two portions packaged separately, you will need to put another refundable deposit down for this second tiffin set.
  2. Please do return with your next delivery. You deposit has assisted us in purchasing a sufficiency of tiffins but we need double that to keep rotating so please return them timeously ie with your next delivery. We are chefs not logistics experts, so your help in sticking with the program is appreciated!
  3. We are not seeking to make any profit from the tiffins. We have sourced the best possible price for tiffins but if we must import, deposit price may increase. Regardless, the deposit is 100% refundable, assuming we receive the full tiffin sets back